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Healthy Teeth, Great Smile

Date: January 19, 2015 Author: fransiscatamara Categories: News

On Tuesday, January 13th all children of KB1&2 were having a special time. They were brushing teeth with drg. Lini Sisilia Tirta and Mrs. Marthiana Lumalessil. The children were very excited in listening to drg. Lini’s instructions.

drg. Lini was explaning about the right way to brush their teeth, and how many times should they brush their teeth. The children listened enthusiastically and eager to try.

at first, all the girls had their time to brush their teeth. They all were very brave and confident in brushing their teeth by themselves.

at second, all the boys were having their turn. All of them were as brave as the girls. They enjoyed the activities very much.

After they finished brushing their teeth, all the children were smiling big to show their healthy teeth.

Lets do it more often, children!! We are very proud of you….